Latest National Highways Authority Of India (NHAI)

NHAI was built through passing an act in the parliament named as NHAI Act, 1988. The constitution indulges an Authority for the development and management of national highways. The authority releases nhai tenders and NHAI eTenders for these tasks to be applied on 50329 km of National Highways. Get all the details regarding NHAI eTenders here. Additionally get tenders details on contract grants and procurement. NHAI is responsible for inter-state development through the construction of roads nationwide. NHAI calls the National Highways Development Project through eTender NHAI. NHAI tenders are also issued to collect revenue on National Highways to control the movement of vehicles to conduct appropriate management. NHAI also excites the central government to identify the issues with the roads so they can call NHAI e Tenders. If you are required to know all the details regarding eTender NHAI, please fill the form and get the information on NHAI e tenders by email. Our team does


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