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Terms And Conditions Of Tenderasian.com

The use of tenderasian.com (hereafter referred to as website) is governed by a set of terms & conditions (hereafter referred to as “Agreement”). Tender Asian offers tender information services such as Indian tender information, global tender information, project information, bid award details etc. to a diverse clientele. This is a legally binding agreement between you (the user) of this website and Tender Asian. It is important for the user to read, comprehend and accept the agreement wholly, before using the website. In case, you do not agree or, do not wish to be bound by a particular clause, you may not be able to access the website.

1. Website As A Platform

The website is basically just a platform for information. Users or free members of the site can get tender related information, project information as well as bid results from this website. Eligibility The user/s i.e. any individual or business with legal operations within India or on a global platform can rightfully access the services offered by Tender Asian with the website. These services are available only to those individuals or companies who conform to legal contracts as applicable by the court of law Tender Asian advises the users to abide by the laws stated while accessing the website. Tender Asian will not be responsible for the consequences in case the user does not abide by the terms and conditions stated here while accessing the website. Tender Asian may refuse access to its website services at any time. This service may be unavailable to the user either temporarily or for an indefinite period

2. Users Agreement

The person to whom this agreement applies includes free and paid users as well as visitors of the website, who will be accessing the information on the website for a specific purpose. This agreement also applies to any legal entitywho are representing the user under apparent authority. As per the agreement, the user can use the information on this site for their personal or internal purposes only This agreement is applicable on all the services offered by the website. Certain services accessed by the user may bear additional terms and conditions, as mentioned within. In an event where there is an inconsistency experienced between the terms and conditions mentioned herewith and the terms and conditions of the specific service, the user will need to consider the specific terms and conditions prescribed for a service.

3. Amendment To The Agreement

Tender Asian has the right to change, modify, amend or update the agreement without prior notice to the users. In case of amendments, the reformed terms and conditions will be effective immediately. In case the user does not stick to the new effective terms and conditions, then they must stop using the service. In case you continue to use the service even after the change in the terms, it implies you have accepted the change in terms

4. Intellectual Property Rights (ipr)

Tender Asian is the sole manager of the website, reserving all rights to the website and the content therein. The content here refers to the design, layout, text, images, graphics, sound, video etc.The website content includes trade secrets as well as IPR that is secured by copyright and other prevailing laws. The title, ownership rights and the IPR for the website remains intact with Tender Asian. The information in the website is solely intended to offer general information for personal or individual use; the reader has to take complete responsibility for the use of this content. The companydoes not endorse the accuracy or reliability to the information or advertisements contained within, distributed through or linked to any of the services on the website. The company is not responsible for the quality of the information or, products that you have received as a result of advertisement or any other information linked to any of the service on the website. We don’t hold responsibility on the results or, errors/omissions that the user might get as a result of using this information available on the website. The information within the website has been offered to the users “as is” and does not guarantee completeness, accuracy, or timeliness. The information will not at any point substitute for individual investigations, as well as sound technical and business judgments for the users. The company will not be liable for direct, incidental, or consequential damages that the user faces owing to the information or material offered by the website. The user must acknowledge that the reliance on this content alone is to be done at their own risk. The information in the website has been compiled using publicly displayed and published works. Tender Asian completely respects the sources from where the data has been availed, and adhere to the respective copyrights or businesses these entities represent. The company reserves the right to make improvements or correct the data or information or materials thus obtained.

5. Links To Third Party Sites & Advertisements

The website contains links to third party sites and the advertisements on the website are provided in sync with the content requested by the user(s). The company has no control over the advertisements or third party content broadcasted on the website. Tender Asian allows users to access content, product as well as services linked to third party sites using hyperlink. This link will take the user(s) to the third party site. You should read the terms and conditions on these sites as well as their privacy policies before indulging in the content offered by the site. Tender Asian does not have any control on what the third party site offers, and the company does not monitor these sites. The company is not responsible for the user content and information offered on these sites.

6. Termination

The content and features on the website are available to the visitors for free. In some cases, Tender Asian holds complete authority to terminate access of the visitors to some sections of the website, at any time for reason known to the company, without prior notice. The company holds global authority to allow or deny access to users for particular, all or any services or content without prior notice or explanation. This is to protect the rights and interests of the company as well as the interests of the visitors to the website. The company can limit, deny or create access authorities across the website for the various information, services and features for the different types of users and visitors. They hold the right to change a feature or introduce new features without prior information. Tender Asian withholds authority for termination of membership, either temporary or permanent of any user for one or more of the reasons stated below :

  • The user has breached the terms and conditions stated in the user agreement or the website agreement
  • The member uses the website to send spam messages or, posts the same content time and again
  • The companies listed as users impersonate as another company and post information or, conduct business using the alias
  • The unauthorized access, use or modification of the website database, network and related services by the user
  • user(s) agree to adhere to the website terms and conditions as mentioned in the agreement. The website will not be liable to the user(s) or third party for inability to access the content on the website in case of disruption, delay, limited access, changes or termination. The website will not be liable to the user or third party in case of delays, errors, and omissions w.r.t. communication or transmission that result owing to inability to use the website or the features under any circumstance as mentioned above.

7. Registered Users

The website has a proper process in place for the user(s) who wish to become a registered user. The process is easy and convenient. The user(s) needs to fill out an online form available on the website with the information marked important. The company will create an account for the user on completion of the registration process. The website will assign a user ID and a password to enable log-in access to the user. The user(s) alone will be responsible for all the content communicated through their account, and the consequences of this message. In case you have registered on the website as a business entity, you as the user(s) represent the business entity. You have full authority to bind the entity (business entity) to the terms and conditions as presented by the Agreement The address that is used in the registration process will be considered as principal address, from where the business is being conducted The information that is being submitted during the registration process should be true, accurate, current and complete The brand or representative office will not be considered separate from the main office or principal place of business for this entity. On becoming the registered member of the website, the individual or company consents to share information with other user(s) as well. Tender Asian may hold the right to refuse registration or membership and the login credentials to user without notifying the reason. The website holds the right to suspend or terminate the registered membership at any time for a particular reason without prior notice, if it adheres to the general interest of the members or registered users. The user is not a part or affiliate of the company at any time.

8. Data Protection

The privacy policy governs the personal information given by the users when accessing the information or creating accounts on the website. You can view our privacy policy statement for further understanding

9. Notices

The notices and demands made to the website will be effective only when sent in writing, and duly noted to Tender Asian in the mentioned way: to (addressee) The notices and demands that the user(s) make will be effective only when delivered personally or, sent via courier, certified mail, facsimile or email to the last known correspondence provided by the user when creating an account on the website. The user can also make the demand or notice effective by posting it on the website in a section publicly accessible. The notice will be deemed as received when the website is able to respond to the user either in physical or electronic form.

10. Governing Law And Dispute Resolutions

The terms and conditions in use within this agreement as well as the privacy policy dictated will be governed by the laws falling in the Indian Territory. Tender Asian falls within the jurisdiction of the courts of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The parties abiding by the agreement will submit to the jurisdiction of courts in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

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